Gert Strand AB
Box 50221
S-202 12
Malmoe, Sweden
Blankebacksv 17, 238 35 Malmoe (Oxie)
+46 40 183025
Gert Strand
316-5511 (Scandinavian use only)
SEB (Scandinavian Enskilda Banken, the No 1) and Swedish postal giro
5512 10 035 95 with SEB, Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken


Order Handling, Policy, Quality

The goal of Gert Strand AB is to sell the best products available on a worldwide basis, while giving the highest quality service.

We will handle all complaints and bring them to a satisfactory conclusion.

All items are kept in stock 99% of the time. When we receive your order, we usually pack it within 24 hours, and also send you an E-mail giving shipment details. If we have a very large order, we pack and ship first, and send the E-mail notification after shipping your order. Thus, on large orders, there may be a few days’ delay of E-mail.

Credit card payment is handled by 3rd party specialized companies with highest security. Gert Strand AB does not have access to your credit card number. All payments are made on secure servers. Incidentally, our policy is to never give away any information about our customers.

Our founder, Gert Strand, personally guarantes the quality of our products. If you have business associates in Sweden you can ask them. Gert Strand have gone from being the smallest essence producer to the biggest – in the world’s strongest competition. All this is based on know-how and a quality idea and vision, and 26 years of experience.


Security on the Internet

Anybody can set up a Web site, try to collect your money, and never send you anything. You often do not know this because many such sites look professional. If you do not know enough about them, get more details. Is there an address to the office? Is there a real person, and is that person trustworthy? Is the company in the Yellow pages? Who owns the Web site? I Are there any complaints about fraud at the local Better Business Bureau where the company is located? Is the company’s full address on the Web site, not hiding behind anonymous Email and a box address? Does it have its own domain name? As extra security, pay with your credit card as the credit card company protect their customers. But only on a secure server (https:// changes to https://).

Here you have a company in Sweden, far away. Is it real? They claim to supply super quality for the last 26 years. Is there a way to check this?

Yes, there are many ways. First common sense. We use 3rd party companies to secure online payment, affiliate payment etc.. We would have been cut out a long time ago if we have done something wrong . . . this would have given us a bad reputation with the affiliate payment service, credit card company etc.


How to Learn About our Company

The main site of the company Gert Strand AB, in Malmoe, Sweden, is . On (handling the .se domains) you can type in our url and check that it is ours.

Does anybody link to our site? Go to the search engine, type link: followed by any URL of ours to discover how many links are in place around the world. Cut and paste this: – in Alta Vista, then search.

Our company name is Gert Strand AB . Our head office is located on Blankebacksvagen 17 in Oxie, Malmoe, Sweden. Our main phone number (speaking Swedish, Danish, Norwegian only) is +46 40-549250. Our fax number is +46 40 183025. You can check this at which is a site owned by the post (PAR Postal address register) and this site have nearly all Swedish companies listed. You can search on our telephone number, company name (foretag) or organization number 556171-3420 .

You can double check this at by searching on our company name (Gert Strand AB) or our organization number 556171-3420.

Our postal giro account is 341771-4. You can check this at the Swedish postal giro at: by typing in our organization number 5561713420 or our postal giro 341771-4.

Our bank giro account is 316-5511. You can check on – This is the site of Bankgirot, a payment central owned by the Swedish banks. There are more possibilities, these are the easiest.

If you have a home brew shop, a distillery etc. and shall transfer payment, you can check us up with our bank, SE-Banken, Jagersro office (5512), phone +46 40 6716350, fax +46 40 6716327. If you plan to transfer payment to us, you can send to our postal giro or our bank account at SEB. Here are instructions for both:

Please effect payment via Eurogiro or SWIFT to our account number 341771-4 with Postgirot Bank (publ), S-105 06 Stockholm, Sweden. SWIFT address: PGSI, or via SESS

SWIFT through Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken (SEB), Malmoe, Sweden. Bank account number:
5512 10 035 95. SWIFT-address ESSESESM – Please include Swedish Bankers fee in the amount of US$ 10.